Every night my daughter insists that we read at least two stories to her but oftentimes we get suckered into more! She has her usual go to books like her Frozen Search and Find and Fancy Nancy By Jane O’Connor but sometimes we like to mix it up and surprise her with something new. If you’re stuck in a rut with bedtime stories, why not try a few of these festive stories with your preschooler. Monsters, ghosts, pumpkins and trick or treating…What’s not to love?! Here are the 10 best Halloween books for kids.

If you want more festive books, here are 10 fall books your children will love. And here are 12 read aloud chapter books if you want something a little more substantial.

10 Halloween Books For Kids You Need To Read

Try a few of these festive stories with your preschooler. Monsters, ghosts, pumpkins and trick or treating. Here are the 10 best Halloween books for kids.

Go Away Big Green Monster

By Ed Emberly

Ed Emberly did it again with this book. If you have a little one who is starting to become afraid of the dark like our little one then this book is a must try. In the beginning pages new features are added to a picture of a “Big Green Monster” but as the pages continue, each feature disappears and fears are conquered. This book has just enough spook and silliness to help your preschooler through their “monster phase”.

Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins or Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete

By James Dean

Five Little Pumpkins is a sweet tale about five little pumpkins sitting on a gate on a Halloween night. This tale follows an abbreviated version of the “Ten in the Bed” nursery rhyme. Each pumpkin takes its turn sharing about Halloween night until in the end, “Woosh goes the wind and out went the lights… And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight!”

Trick or Pete a is fun story about Pete the Cat trick or treating with his dad. He is afraid of spooky things that he may not be able to see so he brings his handy flashlight. Whenever he finds himself afraid, he shines his light on it. Readers can lift the flaps to see that what Pete was afraid of, really wasn’t so spooky after all!

Llama Llama Trick or Treat

By Anna Dewdney

When looking for Halloween books for kids, this one is a must have. My daughter has always been a fan of Dewdney’s Llama Llama books so when I saw that she had a Halloween edition, I was sure to add it to my list! This book is actually a small board book that highlights Llama Llama’s adventures in all things Halloween: choosing a costume, pouring candy into bowls, and even scooping out a jack o’lantern. What will Llama Llama decide to be for Halloween?? You’ll have to read it to find out!

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Big Pumpkin

By Erica Silverman

After watching this book read aloud, I knew it was one that my kiddos would both love. One witch grows a pumpkin and eagerly awaits to turn it into pie but what can she do when it won’t come off the vine? Will the ghost help? The vampire? The mummy? Maybe the bat? You’ll have to read and find out who gets the pie in the end!

Pumpkin Jack

By Will Hubbell

The illustration on the cover is what first caught my eye with Pumpkin Jack. This is a special story about a boy who carved a pumpkin for the first time and named him Jack. Instead of throwing it in the trash when it started to wither, he put in in his yard and watched it change- watched it journey through a lifecycle until a new pumpkin was formed, ready to be carved. Can you guess what he named his new jack o’lantern? You bet! Jack.

Happy Halloween Daniel Tiger

By Angela C. Santomero

This book is perfect for your little Daniel Tiger lover. Enjoy this lift the flap book as each of Daniel’s friends try and decide what costume they want to wear for Halloween.

10 Halloween Books For Kids You Need To Read

From Seed to Pumpkin

By Wendy Pfeffer

Looking for a non-fiction text to read with you little scientist? This book is all about the journey from seed to full grown pumpkin. Your preschooler will love getting to learn all about how this festive plant grows and maybe even inspire you to plant your own!

Room on the Broom

By Julia Donaldson

Just how many can fit on the witch’s broom? This is a fun tale about a witch who begins losing her wand and now and hat in the wind. Some animal friends offer to lend her a hand in retrieving them in exchange for a ride. Once they’re all on board, their greatest challenge awaits! How will they work together to overcome a big scary dragon??!

Pumpkin Soup

By Helen Cooper

Pumpkin Soup is a sweet tale of some animal friends who always make soup together in a very particular way. When one of their friends decides he wants to be in charge of mixing instead of seasoning the soup, these friends bump heads and Duck huffs off. This story is one about forgiveness and friendship- two things our children know well!

Try these Halloween books for kids this season and hopefully you will find some new favorites!

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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