Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Whether it’s something your kids are really into, or a movie that is your own favorite childhood movie — you can create your own Disney themed movie night!

This Disney themed movie night will make for a memorable experience for you to all enjoy and have fun with being all together. Kids will love the creativity and it allows them to “help” and use their imagination. As an adult, it allows you to embrace the childlike spirit and have a lasting family memory.

Whatever your time or budget allows is up to you and how much you can go “all in” to the Disney themed movie night. Nowadays, the popular app Pinterest has some really great ideas that could help navigate some of your food and party décor and more.

Below are some ideas and tips on how make your Disney themed movie night a success!

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How To Have A Disney Themed Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Whether your kids love them or you still enjoy Disney movies, you can create your own Disney themed movie night!

Decide On The Menu

This can be a lot of fun and something your kids can help you with. Whatever the theme of your movie, or what it represents to your family can help you get ideas on what to serve. Finger foods are always fun and easy, but you can also choose a whole dinner or picnic style in the living room.

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Maybe you already have toys or items in your house to help you decorate. You can be as frugal, such as going to the dollar store to get streamers, balloons, or whatever items you decide! You can also be as crafty and elaborate as you wish-but really for younger kids it usually doesn’t take much to make them excited for Disney night!

Try to decide on your color scheme, and create a fun centerpiece or tablecloth with similar colors. Having some items hanging, or using colorful utensils and plates is another way to add some nice touches to the room as well. Repurposing items you already have in your home is the sure way to save you the most amount of time and money.

How To Have A Disney Themed Movie Night In 3 Easy Steps

The Activities

In this area you can be as adventurous or laid back as you wish! No need to stress, but having a fun activity can add a little bit more fun to the night. Young kids especially might enjoy and appreciate kid friendly activities before the movie shows. You can try playing the movie sound track and dancing all together to get the “wiggles out” while the food is being prepped or have some coloring sheets ready to keep the kids busy before the movie starts.

It doesn’t have to be a special holiday to have a fun themed family night! Whether it’s having a Disney theme or something else, embracing these family moments and cherishing the time and memories created is what lasts. Having a blast together while doing so is of course, the cherry on top!

Jen Kearney
Jen Kearney
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