There’s nothing like getting your baby to sleep after several long hours of caring for your little bundle. Hopefully, you’ll have a few moments to yourself! It is always reassuring to be able to check on them while they sleep, especially in those early days That’s why I have created this list of the best baby monitors out there!

The peace that comes from being able to check on your baby with the click of a button is undeniable. Not to mention, being able to check on them without the risk of your creaking floor (or door) waking them! Here are my top five picks for the best baby monitors; they’re perfect for new parents and experienced parents that may just be looking for an upgrade.

The 5 Best Baby Monitors Of 2017

Here are my top five picks for the best baby monitors; they’re perfect for new parents and experienced parents that may just be looking for an upgrade.

AngelCare Touch Control Video and Sound Monitor

Price: $159.99

This AngelCare monitor includes all of the basics of a video monitor at tip top quality. It’s definitely one of the best baby monitors of 2o17. It includes secure video on a separate parent monitor, infrared night vision so that you can see you baby at night time with ease, and the ability to zoom in and pan across baby’s crib. The monitor can be wall mounted or you may opt to place it on a tabletop using the attached stand.

My favorite perk about this (and many other baby monitors) is that it includes a visual sound indicator on parent monitor so that you have the option of hearing your baby’s crying/ waking sounds or just seeing it visually. This is especially a nice perk if you have guests over or are watching a movie.

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BabySense Video Baby Monitor

Price: $74.99

The BabySense Monitor is a monitor where you definitely get a bang for your buck! It includes many features of the AngelCare Monitor like infrared night vision, parent monitor support stand, a secure/ private connection. BUT there’s more!

With this BabySense Monitor you can enjoy the luxuries of two way talk back so that you can calm your baby with the sound of your voice or choose from a small selection of lullabies that can be played from the baby’s monitor. In addition, the monitor also includes accurate temperature monitoring, remote zoom, pan (360 degrees) and tilt (60 degrees), as well as a long range connection of 900 feet! What more could you need?!

Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

Price: $165.05

The Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor is different from other monitors  because it has interchangeable optical lens capacity, meaning you can customize your viewing angle and zoom. Your purchase includes one lens but the others can be purchased separately (all less than $20). My favorite lens option is the wide angle lens which will allow you to see your child’s entire crib without having to worry about how far away the monitor is from your baby’s sleep space. What else do I love about this monitor? It has one of the largest display screens at  3.5 inches!

The 5 Best Baby Monitors Of 2017

Smilism Baby Monitor

Price: $87.99

Buyers say that the Smilism Baby Monitor is a, “Great budget monitor”. What sets this monitor apart from the others is its FOUR lullabies for baby to fall asleep to and its 2.4 inch LCD display.

This monitor is rechargeable-battery operated which means you don’t have to worry about being close to an outlets and less waste. Now that’s my kind of monitor!

Fredi Wireless Camera Baby Monitor

Price: $38.99

The FREDI monitor is the least expensive on my list. It also works a bit different that the other monitors listed above. To use this monitor, you download the free mobile app to your iPhones, smartphones, Mac, or tablets and simply connect to your wifi for instant, live streaming of your little one.

Even though the parent monitor is your device (or multiple devices) the baby’s monitor is still equipped with two way talking, infrared night vision, the ability to pan 355 degrees, tilt 90 degrees, AND take pictures and video record- a feature that no other monitor listed here can do. So, if you want something a bit more affordable and are comfortable with using your devices over wifi, this is the monitor for you!

I wish you luck as you begin your parenting journey and I know that if you purchase one of these monitors you will be satisfied and feel secure knowing that you can closely monitor you baby. Tell us about your experiences with these monitors in the comments below!

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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