Having a baby is exhausting but knowing that there are so many wonderful milestones to be excited about can give us more to look forward to. As your sweet baby makes their way to “toddlerhood” their brain and body are working together to learn language, movement and communication. Here are a few milestones that you’ll want to capture:

Birth to two months

Your baby will have their first smiles and coos. Already, baby is trying to be expressive! They will begin to find comfort and security by simply seeing you because they will start to recognize your face and voice.

Two to four months

These two months are quite eventful. While your baby may be particularly restless, it may be because your baby is growing and learning by leaps and bounds! In these months, your baby’s language will continue to develop and their coos may change to “oohs” and “ahhs” and then to babbles.  


As your baby starts to improve their vision, they will get increasingly interested in the world around them and will start to reach for and shake toys and may even begin trying to “get places” by rolling over. And, after all of your efforts to get your little one to smile, they will soon delight you with the sound of their first giggles.

Four to six months

Your baby becomes increasingly sensitive socially in these months. While they may be particularly clingy, they are more aware of the emotions of those around them. They may cry if another baby cries and  laugh, just because they see you laughing.  You may even find yourself in “conversations” with your baby as they take turns making sounds with you.

Six to eight months

Your baby is motivated to move now more than ever and will begin sitting up unassisted, rock back and forth on all fours and begin to crawl. They are movers and shakers, ready to put whatever they discover, right into their mouths so, if you haven’t baby-proofed your home yet, now is the time!

Eight to ten months

Your baby is starting to master the pointer- thumb pick-up! They will begin to pick up finger foods with ease but, the food may not always make it to their mouth. This is the beginning of your child feeding themselves. Try to let go of the mess and give them some freedom to explore.

Ten months to a year

As your child’s first birthday is quickly approaching they are becoming increasingly independent. The skills they gain now, are the first steps they are taking away from you (literally). They are beginning to express themselves with some of their first words, show you books they want to read or bring you a toy they want to play with.

The year is full of ups and downs and it may seem at times like it is spinning out of control but, remember that there is a beautiful little life blooming before your eyes. Join your baby as they discover the world around them and be sure to bring your camera!

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Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
Alise is a mother of two who loves the slow, small town life. She is a teacher turned stay at home mom who loves cooking, her husband, going on long neighborhood walks, just about any baked good (with coffee) and playing with her children. She has a passion for all things childhood development, teaching, and learning.