Decorating a nursery while renting seems impossible, but it’s not!

When families grow and change, our homes tend to simultaneously shift. Maybe you’re welcoming your first child into the world and need to turn the office into a nursery. Or maybe you’re shifting your nursery into a toddler’s room. Whatever the occasion, you need to update that room.

To top it off, you’re renting! There’s no option for big painting projects or serious renovation. You are in great need of some home refreshment, but require some simple ideas to make a space come alive. Look no further. Decorating a nursery while renting doesn’t have to be hard! There are lots of quick, inexpensive, and fun ways to decorate a room. Grab your craft supplies and get ready for some simple projects for your kids’ rooms!

Here are some clever baby nursery organization tips.

4 Creative Tips For Decorating A Nursery While Renting

Decorating a nursery while renting doesn't have to be hard! Grab your supplies as there are lots of quick, inexpensive, and fun ways to decorate a room.

Help Out Your Walls

If those white walls are feeling drab, try changing up the look with some decals. You may not be able to paint, but you can make some great improvements with these clever, removeable stickers. You can find small, individual decals in large sets to fill an entire wall with a modern, trendy look. Place the crib in front of a wall decked out in these triangles decals, and you have a great look. Or you can place a statement piece on a wall, something like a colorful world map or even an octopus! These decals are so versatile and so simple. Even if you’re not renting and want a quick, painless update, these are great options for you!

Washi tape is also a great option for spicing up the walls. If you have a bit more time on your hands and desire to get really creative, you can create some incredible wall art using this simple little craft supply. Washi tape is easily removed and fairly inexpensive. It will definitely take time, but the results are absolutely worth it!

When In Doubt, Add a Lamp

The nursery should be a warm, restful space for you and your little one. In lots of rentals, the lighting is harsh and bright. Try adding lamps to change up a room. Find a fun, decorative lamp for the dresser. Grab a tall one for that empty corner. Use lamps to enhance the style of the room and fill it with warm light. This can make a huge difference.

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Buy Stuff That Makes Room for Stuff

Limited space can often be a downside to renting. Storage is scarce, and it’s hard to know where to put everything! Especially with a new baby or a growing toddler, space can be a big deal. We need storage space for all those clothes they grow out of in mere minutes! So before you tear your hair out, think of getting creative with space in the room.

Forget the stand-alone changing table that becomes obsolete when they’re three. Instead, use a long, multi-drawer dresser as a changing table. You can put clothes, diapers, and other essentials in the drawers and a changing station on top. Plus, once they’re out of diapers, you can still use the dresser! Depending on your closet space, use plastic totes or decorative baskets for extra storage.

Finding storage options for a small space can be frustrating. Remember, though, you don’t have to compromise style and aesthetic. Find great pieces at Ikea, Target, Craigslist and more. There are lots of space-saving options out there! Just keep in mind, make each piece of furniture purposeful and practical.

4 Creative Tips For Decorating A Nursery While Renting

Hang, Man.

Decorating a nursery while renting a home or apartment does not mean you have to live in limbo until you move into your dream house. Your child’s nursery or bedroom will feel complete once you personalize the space. Don’t worry about hanging pictures and pieces on the walls! Do it! Hang art! There are brilliant, simple ways to do this without causing damage to your rental home.

If you haven’t heard about Command strips, you are missing out! This brand has been known for lots of genius products, but their Picture Hanging Strips are by far the best. My husband and I have rented for six years, and these little strips have been our saviors. We use them on everything! Large frames (they can hold up to 20 lbs!) stay in place on our cinder block walls, and wooden plaques even hold up. You may want to use hardware for major pieces of art, but for most items, these little pieces of magic will help you put the room together.

As you gather ideas for your bedroom/nursery update, ask yourself a few helpful questions. Will this damage any part of the home? Can it add storage? Does this enhance the personality of the room? Will this room be inviting?

Have fun with this project. Don’t let your rental status be an obstacle, but rather, use it as an opportunity to get creative. Enjoy the process; enjoy the preparation. Good things will be happening in this room, and you can help personalize the space for that little one of yours.

Get your crafts supplies out! Decorating a nursery while renting doesn't have to be hard! Grab your supplies as there are lots of quick, inexpensive, and fun ways to decorate a room.

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Jess Lyons
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