Let’s face it: creating a gift list for toddlers is about as adventurous as trying to corral the toddlers themselves! Stocking stuffers for toddlers are even worse! Children age one through three vary greatly in their developmental abilities; even two kiddos the same age will demonstrate varying abilities. Bobby might be running and diving through the house at 15 months, while Billy, at the same age, is content to sit or gingerly walk.

Still, kids at this age have huge imaginations, plus they enjoy having a friend around (even if parallel play is the theme of the day), so finding stocking stuffers for toddlers to match their imaginations isn’t so daunting a task after all.

Here are six stocking stuffers for toddler they’re sure to love.

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6 Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers

Toddlers have huge imaginations, and finding stocking stuffers for toddlers to match their imaginations isn’t so daunting a task after all.


From $9.99

They still wobble but don’t fall down! These sweet new friends fit perfectly in the palm of your toddler’s hand. Choose from Weebles Wendy, Willow, Winston, Willie, and more. These little characters are great for the stocking, but buyer beware: You just might have to purchase the Weebles farm or home playset to go along with them.

My First Crayola Palm Grip Crayons


These crayons are made specifically for little hands! Help your toddler grow creative with these sturdy egg-shaped crayons featured in green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and purple – just like the colors on one of your favorite team’s football jersey! Soon, your toddler will be drawing masterpieces of your favorite players, too.

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks


Okay, in reality all 100 blocks can’t fit into a stocking, but hey! Put in a few and then bring the rest out later. Your toddler and you together can construct castles and knock them down, create towers and knock them down, build bridges and knock them down. Then, start all over again! Plus, kids are building their imagination through both critical thinking and creative play.

Animal Finger Puppets


This set of 10 finger puppet animals teach fun interactive skills to your toddler as together, you create lots of stories about the elephant, panda, rabbit, cow, dog, and more. Each puppet is made of cloth and fits over your toddler’s fingers. She’ll get a kick out of trying one on each finger!

6 Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers They're Sure To Love

V-Tech Kids Tambourine


Bring out your child’s inner percussionist with this V-Tech tambourine. While you play your air guitar to a little REO Speedwagon, your toddler can join in on the jam session. Who knows? Maybe he or she has a future in a rock band!

Light & Sound Keys


Know how much your child enjoys holding and carrying around your keys? Now he can enjoy his own, thanks to these made-for-little ones keys that also make sounds and have a flashlight and sturdy belt clip. Although these keys are much bigger than the adult versions, they look very similar to the real deal. Before long both of you will be yelling, “Vroom vroom!”

Tammy Tilley
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