The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests little to no television for children under the age of two and only one hour of screen time per day for children ages two to five. With this in mind, our family has made its own unique decisions about screen time. We have set an amount of time and certain circumstances that we feel are appropriate for them to watch. That’s what the AAP calls a “Family Media Use Plan”. Whatever length of time you decide is best for your toddler, here are a handful of the best toddler Netflix shows that your toddler will love and that you’ll feel confident about them watching.

Here are the 5 best movies for kids you should check out.

5 Best Toddler Netflix Shows Your Kiddos Will Love

Whatever you decide is best, here are the best toddler Netflix shows that your toddler will love and you will feel confident about them watching.

Stella and Sam

Stella and Sam was a recent discovery for our kiddos (and it suited us well because my daughter has a younger brother!) This show moves slowly along with two children as they go through daily adventures like playing in the rain and finding a lost sweater. Older sister, Stella, “teaches” Sam why things are the way they are in the world with cute made up ideas that will make any parent smile.

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Puffin Rock

A dear mama friend of mine introduced me to Puffin Rock a few weeks ago. Prior to that I had heard good things about the show but never chosen to watch. Give this one a try! I was immediately calmed by the gentle theme song and calm spoken characters. This show follows two puffins- Oona and her younger brother Baba- as they interact with family and friends near their home, Puffin Rock. This show is a great show if you’re looking for something that is engaging but not over-stimulating, gentle but still educational.

Super Why

Super Why is a sort of scaled back action adventure To help solve problems in Storybook Village, Super Whyatt (along with his other “super readers”) reads stories to find answers to everyday problems. Along the way your children will watch as the characters use the power to read, rhyming and alphabet knowledge to solve the final clues.

Little Einsteins

5 Best Toddler Netflix Shows Your Kiddos Will Love

This is one of the best toddler Netflix shows out there. Little Einsteins was a favorite of my daughter’s early on (18 months) and she still goes back to it now (3.5 yo). The Little Einsteins go on many adventures together, helping their friends get out of sticky situations and dilemmas. They’re always ready to lend a helping hand and they work together well along the way! Join this motley crew of kiddos as they explore classical music tunes and famous artists all the while teaching your little one about musical and classical dance lingo.

Beat Bugs

Beat Bugs is about a group of five bugs who live in the backyard of a family’s home. Boy, do they have quite the personalities! Join these bugs as they explore their backyard, “Village Green” and deal with real life predicaments like learning that everyone has something valuable to offer, that friendship and love are of prime importance and hard work goes a long way. Each episode has a Beatles original woven in that is somehow tied to the life lesson it was intended to (subtly) teach.

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Alise Durkota
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