This is the first year that my daughter has been in preschool and so, this is also our first year having to make candy free valentines for a class Valentine’s Day exchange. Now, to be clear, when I say “make valentines” I mean that we purchased a box of unicorn valentines and wrote in each child’s name. My husband talked me off of the DIY cards this year because of many things we are juggling.

But, in my ambition, I created a Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and collected a few easy DIY Valentine’s Day Card ideas. My conditions? They had to be free printables, easy to put together and they had to be candy free Valentines. So, if an easy, “candy-less” Valentine’s Day card is right up your alley, check out these candy free Valentines!

You can also check out this step-by-step guide to make the cutest fox Valentine’s Day class gift.

6 Adorable Candy Free Valentines To Bring To Class

With all the candy that gets passed out in the classes on Valentine's Day, I wanted to make sure our valentine was candy free. If an easy, “candy-less” Valentine’s Day card is right up your alley, check out these candy free valentines!

You’re ExSTRAW Special

This is a sweet Valentine printable for kids pre-k through elementary. Send in the downloadable PDF to your local printing store and AmazonPrime some cute straws right to your front door. If you want something more gender neutral, opt for crazy straws without hearts and just get some fun designs.

I Spy Printable

My preschooler loves to play “I SPY” so when I found this colorful (and free) printable, I thought it would be a perfect choice. This could also be used for a classroom Valentine’s Day party, an after school activity or a Valentine’s Day gathering in your own home. The possibilities are endless.

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Color By Number Valentine

This printable requires minimal work. Simply send off your downloaded printable to a local printer and run to Target to grab some fun washi tape and a couple of boxes of crayons. The kids in your child’s class will enjoy coloring to find the hidden Valentine’s Day picture. Need a more advanced version? Do a quick Google search for color by number printables and use a festive washi tape to tie in the Valentine’s Day theme.

“You Make Me Happy When Skies are Gray” Valentine

For this unique valentine, print off a full sheet of the repeated line “You Make Me Happy When Skies are Gray” on a fun patterned paper. Cut these out and tape them to a kids pack of watercolor paints. Kids of all ages share a love for painting which makes this the type of valentine that every child will enjoy.

6 Adorable Candy Free Valentines To Bring To Class

Fish in the Sea Valentine

You can purchase this printable for $5 or opt to make it yourself for free! The valentine reads: “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad you’re friends with me.”  Print these out on a colored paper of your choice and staple them to a prepackaged Goldfish snack pack. Easy peasy!

A-DOH-able Valentine

Playdough is a very affordable Valentine’s day option that preschoolers LOVE. With this printable and a little scissor work, you can have valentines put together that kids will get to enjoy again and again.

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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