DIY Christmas gifts are great in theory, but more often than not they end up collecting dust or in the trash can (it’s the thought that counts?!). For some reason, many of us still see these tutorials and just can’t help ourselves.

As I was browsing DIY Christmas gifts online, I found so many beautiful marble inspired crafts that I decided to round up a few of my favorites. The end results look professional, serve a purpose, and will totally impress your friends and family members when you tell them that you made it yourself!

5 Marble Inspired DIY Christmas Gifts

I was browsing DIY Christmas gifts online and found so many beautiful marble inspired crafts that will totally impress your friends and family.

Spray Paint Marble Planter

Ever since Pantone announced “greenery” as the 2017 color of the year, people have been going gaga for plant décor. Why not board the bandwagon and design some gorgeous and unique vases in the process? You can customize the colors depending on the person of interest, which makes it personal yet still on trend. This tutorial is similar but uses nail polish instead of spray paint and maintains a more minimalist feel with the simple neutrals.

Marble Candleholders

What I love about these candle holders is that they are small and you could make several of them to have on hand and distribute as last minute gifts for those people you might have forgotten to shop for, like a coworker or your dog walker. The black design is so sleek and has a bit of a 70’s mod vibe. They also would make great stocking stuffers!

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Marble Tray

This tray looks so easy and you get such a beautiful, elegant looking product. The original author has so many great ideas for uses, including displaying items in the bathroom or on the coffee table, as well as using it as a cheese tray! It looks so fancy and expensive, which makes it even more exciting that you put it together yourself!

Marbled Clay Ring Dishes

You can use any color of clay that you’d like, but I love that the original poster used such bright and eye-catching colors to make these dishes. They add an awesome pop of color in a world full of trendy neutrals. These would look so cute next to the kitchen or bathroom sink, or on an entryway table for things like keys and loose change. Best of all, they look like they came right off the shelf at Anthropologie.

5 Marble Inspired DIY Christmas Gifts That Don’t Look DIY

Marble Notebook or Tablet Cover

This project is literally so easy that just about anyone can do it. All you need is a notebook and marble adhesive paper. You simply cut the paper into the shape of your choice- the author chose to cut a triangle to fill the bottom left corner of the notebook- and stick it on! Such a cute way to spice up your plain notebook covers.

The best part about giving a homemade gift is the love that goes into it, so have fun and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season!

Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi
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