This Christmas my son will be two and a half years old, and we still haven’t totally decided how we want to handle this whole “Santa” subject. As we weigh the pros and cons and figure out what’s right for our family, it’s ultimately important to me for this time of year to still be special and magical for our children. How can we make Christmas magical without Santa?

No matter which way you might swing, here are a few fun things you can do to maintain that twinkle in your child’s eye and make Christmas magical without Santa.

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3 Ways To Make Christmas Magical Without Santa

No matter what you believe, here are a few fun things you can do to maintain that twinkle in your child’s eye and make Christmas magical without Santa.

Have Traditions

As adults, we love remembering the family traditions that we experienced year after year. They bring back happy memories and remind us of home. For children, these traditions create an environment of safety and security. There are infinite traditions that you can start with your own family during the holiday season. They range from elaborate to simple, and you can do as many or as little as is right for your family. One tradition I look forward to is filling the drawers in this advent style calendar with small prizes and activities as we countdown to Christmas.

Be Giving

Love is ultimately what makes this time of year so magical, Santa or not. It’s about being together with family, being grateful for what you have, and showing generosity and kindness to others. A wonderful way to grasp this spirit of cheer is to find ways to give to other people. This can mean volunteering, but it can also mean something baking cookies for a friend or deciding to forgive someone. Spending time together and thinking of others’ needs will surely create that warm fuzzy feeling that no fictional character could ever duplicate.

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Dive into Community

When people come together in joyous celebration, magic happens. There is a beautiful communion that occurs when individuals experience happiness and excitement together, and that’s even truer when it’s shared with those in your geographic circle because of the sense of community pride and adoration that evolves. There are so many holiday festivities that happen in most cities or towns, so ask around and see what kind of fun shenanigans you and your family can find!

3 Ways To Make Christmas Magical Without Santa

I absolutely love giving and getting gifts, so there’s no doubt that Christmas Day will always be exciting in our household. But that’s not what it’s all about. As I wrap the lights around the tree and watch my toddler hang multiple ornaments on the same branch, I’m not thinking about reindeer and jolly white beards. I’m soaking up the moment and taking mental snapshots of the pride on his face when he shows off his handiwork.

Even when he drops an ornament and breaks it, it’s not the naughty or nice list that comes to mind. I’m reminding myself to move slowly in such a busy season, and with gentleness and kindness. I’m holding onto this sacred time with my little family because I know it will be gone in the blink of an eye and the wiggle of a nose. I’m counting my blessings and pursuing peace in my hardships, reminding myself to connect with and encourage those around me. You can make Christmas magical without Santa. The Spirit of Christmas isn’t only in Santa — it’s inside of us all!

Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi
Jenna Lombardi currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Andrew, and their two children, Aaron and Clare. She loves to travel (even with kids!), find a good bargain, and enjoys an iced chai latte with soy milk every now and then. When she’s not wrangling the kids at the playground or the zoo, she can be found practicing hand lettering, reading about pregnancy and natural childbirth, or testing out a new recipe in the kitchen.