Spending time together as a family brings you closer to one another, and it helps young children build a positive sense of self-worth as they see their parents setting aside time to spend with them.  Even still, quality alone time for parents is important for a successful relationship.  So ditch your tots for the night, plan a date night, and spend time together as a couple!

The main challenge couples face when trying to plan a date night is figuring out what to do with their children.  Here are a few easy ways to find someone to look after your little ones.

Here are 10 more creative date night ideas to break your routine!

How To Plan A Date Night & What To Do With The Kids

Alone time for parents is important for a successful relationship. So ditch your tots for the night, plan a date night, and spend time together as a couple!

Find a Sitter

If you don’t have a teenage neighbor or a family friend you can ask, have no fear!  There are plenty of babysitter-finding websites to set you up with certified and highly qualified sitters in your area.

Ask Grandma and Grandpa

If you have family in the area, use them!  Whether it’s just a few hours or an overnight visit, your kids will love spending quality time with their grandparents while you enjoy your night out.

If it is an overnight visit, make sure to send the kids with one of these cozy bedtime books!

Schedule a Playdate

Talk to the parents of your child’s friends or another couple you know, and ask if they would be willing to trade playdates.  One weekend, you watch all of the kids; another night, it’s the other parents’ turn to host!  You’ll each get quality time with your spouse, and your kids will love the extra playtime with their pals.

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Now that you’ve got your alone time, here are some simple date ideas:

Dinner & a Show

It might be a little cliché, but who doesn’t love a nice dinner out and a movie?  See what’s playing at your local theater, or try an arthouse one a few towns away!  Some premium movie theaters now even let you combine two in one by dining in the theater as you watch your show.

Concert Tickets

Is your favorite artist coming to town?  How about your favorite band from high school?  Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or just looking for a memorable night out, concerts are your answer!  Do some research because a lot of bigger cities offer free concert series during the summer.

Pack a Picnic

Pull out your red and white checkered blankets, cut up some finger sandwiches, and head to the nearest park!  Picnics can be fun for the whole family, but when you ditch the toddlers and grab a bottle of wine, it can be a romantic date for two!  Enjoy the sun and fresh air with your partner in crime.

How To Plan A Date Night & What To Do With The Kids

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Small children tire quickly and can become irritated if they don’t have enough snacks and drinks to keep them full of energy while engaging in physical activity.  Find an arboretum or nature preserve, and take a hike, literally!  Just don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Take a Dance Class

Dancing is not only fun and romantic, but it gets the blood pumping!  Most towns have dance studios that often open classes for adults.  Try your hand at ballroom dancing or salsa, and impress your friends at your next gathering by tearing up the dance floor!

Appreciate a Night at Home

Partake in a little role reversal by sending your kids and their sitter out for dinner and to a movie.  Enjoy your night of privacy by cooking a nice dinner together, picking up a movie at a RedBox, or even just having a quiet night in to enjoy the peace and quiet!

If you’re looking for something a little more out of the box while trying to plan a date night, try seeing what local events are happening in your town or what deals are available on Groupon.  The most important thing is that you and your spouse get to spend some quality time together!

Jane Jozefowicz
Jane Jozefowicz
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