Winter break is such a fun time for children, especially with all the fun winter break activities. I remember looking forward to and even counting down the days until school was out for a couple of weeks.

Now that I am a parent — albeit, with two small children — I have experienced the joys and the slumps during my daughter’s break. If you’re feeling like you need some ideas to get the kids off the couch, outside or to simply engage, here are some winter break activities I have collected to help you out!

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7 Family Winter Break Activities Kids Will Love

If you feel like you need some ideas to get the kids off the couch or outside, here are some winter break activities I have collected to help you out!

Play a board game as a family

Pull those games out of the closet and choose one that will bring out your kids competitive and playful side. Maybe even pick up some fun table snacks to share as you enjoy the game together?!

Give to someone in need

Either go through your own closet or purchase some gently used coats, scarves and gloves from your local second hand store. Go out as a family and pass out the warm clothes to those in your area that may not have any. This activity is a great way to spark some meaningful conversation and connect with your kids.

Bake a favorite recipe together

In my family we have several family holiday recipes that go back a few generations. If you’re like me, dig out a few of those recipes and choose one that you can all bake together. Bake some extra to share with the neighbors or enjoy them on your own along with a family movie night.

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Do a craft or DIY project

IF you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, it may be fun to dive into a craft or DIY project that has been waiting for you on your Pinterest board. Choose one that you can do with and/ or for your children. Not only will this take up some time, it will also get everyone’s “creative juices” flowing.

Visit your nearest aquarium, children’s museum or zoo

Taking a special educational outing can be a fun way to get out of the house during the holidays. Make the drive and grab a bite out to eat before hand as a special touch.

7 Family Winter Break Activities Kids Will Love

Go to the park for outside fun

Sometimes, it takes getting out of your own yard to encourage movement of any kind! (My daughter would watch her favorite TV show for hours if we let her.) Going to a park to play on a playscape or play a field game is sure to get kids up and running.

Take one of your kids out for some “only child time”

I am one of four children. Growing up, my mother or father would take one of us out for- what they called- “only child time”. This was a special time for one of the children to have some quality, one on one time with mom or dad. As kids, we got to choose where we went and what we did. Often I chose to go to my favorite french bistro and the local consignment shop to see what treasures we could find.

If you’re still stumped, print out this list and ask your kids what they would be interested in trying. They are bound to find something that suits their fancy OR at least get them thinking of some ideas of their own! Happy happy holidays from my family to yours! May it be full of yummy food and fun.

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
Alise is a mother of two who loves the slow, small town life. She is a teacher turned stay at home mom who loves cooking, her husband, going on long neighborhood walks, just about any baked good (with coffee) and playing with her children. She has a passion for all things childhood development, teaching, and learning.