Depending on where you live, you may already be dealing with the cold winter air but here in Georgia, it just hit us hard a couple of weeks ago. When it began, I was unprepared and I had no winter coats for kids, gloves, hats, mittens, or anything. Nada. We started our search by asking around to see if anyone had any hand me downs, checked out our local baby consignment shop and finally landed on There, the search continued!

Choosing the best winter coats for kids involves some work. What color does your child like? How warm do you need it to be? How long do you want the coat to last? With all these things in mind, I have put together a brief list of my top picks of winter coats for kids from my top four brands. Check ‘em out!

9 Best Winter Coats For Kids To Keep Them Warm

You may already be dealing with the cold winter air so here is a brief list of my top picks of winter coats for kids from my top four brands.


Girls Squall Jacket

This Squall Jacket is both waterproof and windproof (and it is also fleece lined) making it the perfect jacket to keep your child warm and dry no matter what the day brings! This jacket also features Landsend’s ‘grow along’ adjustable sleeves and snow guard wrist cuffs to keep snow and rain out and warm and cozy in! The Squall jacket is insulated without the puffiness of your typical insulated jacket. A perfect coat to send your kiddo to school in when you don’t know what the weather will hold!

Boys Expedition Parka

This parka is guaranteed to keep your son warm with its 600 fill down! Landsend says its their, “Warmest waterproof” option. My favorite feature of this coat is that it has a “secret”  pocket for gloves and hats or devices.

9 Best Winter Coats For Kids To Keep Them Warm

The North Face

Girl’s Thermoball Hoodie

This North Face Thermoball Hoodie comes in several fun colors and prints- a perfect holiday gift for your daughter or grand-daughter.Buyers say it’s easy to clean, perfect for little ones that love to play outdoors, has all the warmth and none of the bulkiness and is totally worth spending a little more than you normally would!

Boys Chimborazo Hoodie

This hoodie is fleece and is layered with a fluffy interior. It is rated highly for camping and hiking as it is lightweight and warm. Several buyers say it runs just a bit large so it will get you through a few chilly seasons.

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Toddler Boys Reversible Perito Jacket

Notrh Face thought about its “users” when they made this coat. Most of the  insulation is in body, and less in arms to assure it’s easy to maneuver in, play in and have fun in! Perfect for your little outdoor lover and adventurer. Moms and dads say that it is durable, lightweight and easy to put on. That meets every criteria on my list!


Toddler Girls Metallic Faux Wool Jacket

This coat is the coat that my daughter chose for this winter. It is cozy, layered, and the fabric is VERY toddler friendly. It wears well, hides spills well and is gentle on the skin. Also, the hoodie on this coat has some cute little bear ears- the selling point for my three year old!

9 Best Winter Coats For Kids To Keep Them Warm

Toddler Boys 3 in 1 Jacket

I am all about getting the most bang for my buck and this three in one coat is just that! With this purchase, you are basically purchasing a parka-like coat that is perfect for the rain and windy days, and a fleece coat for the cool fall days. Zip them both together for a dynamic winter coat suitable for all weather types.

Eddie Bauer

Girls Cloud Layer Hoodie

Eddie Bauer is known for their great outdoor adult products but their children’s products will not let you down!  This layered hoodie has a micro fleece polyester lining and is perfect for all types of outdoor, cold weather activities.

Downlight Hoodie

This boys Downlight Hoodie has water-repellent nylon shell and 650 fill down (responsible down standard certified). So, when you make this purchase, your kiddo will stay warm and dry all day long.

If you have a favorite winter coat purchase, add it in the comments below and tell us why you love it!

Alise Durkota
Alise Durkota
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